Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world.

Marek Čambál

Marek Čambál

Co-founder of TheraComm, s.r.o.

I'm a lead software engineer and co-founder of TheraComm, s.r.o. company based in Slovakia active in telecommunications and software industry. My primary focus is on software engineering: contracting & consulting services and software projects. In my free time you can usually meet me on the golf course, walking our dog Kasper, riding around on my motorcycle or just doing some visual artwork.


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Explore my photography over the years and some drawings I have made recently.

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English mastiff is the largest breed. Extreme physical strength of these dogs is well balanced by sheer love, loyalty and kindness.

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TheraComm, s.r.o. is the company I have co-founded with my father back in 2003 during my university studies.

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Minimize social media presence

Social media has serious negative impact on our lives and the human society itself. The original idea was indeed great but over time negatives overshadowed positives. Therefore I'm keeping my social media presence to a necessary minimum and I'm endorsing everybody else to do the same.